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The Idle No More movement’s objections to Bill C-45 therefore have sound bases in Canadian constitutional law. We should all be grateful to Idle No More for exposing the Harper government’s lack of respect for Aboriginal and treaty rights in pushing this Bill through Parliament. The undemocratic nature of an omnibus Bill that amends numerous other statutes without adequate opportunity for debate and consideration by Parliament and its committees is bad enough, but the fact that the legislation probably violates Canada’s constitutional obligations to Aboriginal peoples is even more disturbing.
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Thorvaldsen looks so ominous in the morning. #usask #uofs #yxe (at Thorvaldson Building)

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Even in Downtown Saskatoon, no one seems like they can handle the snow. 

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Thorv main entrance #usask #uofs #yxe (at Thorvaldson Building)

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Saskatoon, SK 1939-1951

21st Street East

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Vigil for missing and murdered native women Winnipeg Manitoba Canada#native #nativeamerican #firstnation #aboriginal #americanindian #ndn (Taken with Instagram)

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PBR US teaches PBR Canada a lesson about not being an asshole



There was this

Now there’s this

Well. That’s a thing.

People owning up to their mistakes and apologizing? Instead of screaming “IT’S A JOKE WHY CAN’T YOU TAKE A JOKE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!?!?!?” Faith in humanity… slightly restored.

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