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Miss Holocaust Survivor Uncrowned for Pro-Palestine Comment

Displaying everything one would look for in a 79 year old Jewish woman, Israel crowned Hava Hershkovitz as Miss Holocaust Survivor.  Her win, and the contest itself, was thought to be too macabre.

This past week, Hershkovitz spoke out against the actions of Israel in Gaza.

“History repeats itself,” Hershkovitz said at the grand opening of the Jerusalem Bingo Center, “I think what Israel is doing to Egypt is no different that what the Nazis did to Europe.”

Almost immediately, Hershkovitz lost sponsorships from Depend, Oh! Nuts, and Alka-Seltzer.  Today we learned she will lose her crown as well.

The runner up in the contest, Esther Libber, will be sworn in and crowned next week.  Hershkovitz has no ill feeling towards Libber.

Her duties relieved, Hershkovitz said exclusively to the Daily World News that she will return to obscurity, “kickin’ it with my Heebes and Sheebs.”

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It would be my greatest sadness to see Zionists do to Palestinian Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews.

Albert Einstein  (via thelittlephilosopher)

I could not find a date or source for this quote but many repeats of it.  I do not hold it as a valid citation but it is a sad but honest sentiment which is shared by many Israelis, Jews and many others around the world. Free Palestine and stop killing Her people.


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